Developer Guide for Bluesky .NETCORE API Framework

    BlueSky .NETCORE API Framework is the common development platform which is developed by Sammy Cheng, from BlueSky Information Technology (Int’l) Co. Ltd. The platform will be mainly used on .NETCORE API server development for Mobile APPS, Website and Applications. This is a universal set of common services, controllers and implementation of infrastructure. The framework was based on Microsoft .NET Core 5 and Entity Framework 6, and will upgrade to .NET Core 6 in soon.

    BlueSky .NET Core API Framework Block Diagram

    The Framework designs with reference to MVC model to implement of controllers, services, factories, repositories and data provider. This framework help developers on minimizing the development time and more focus on the core of business logic development. It provides different useful helpers and services so that developers can implement and deploy the project rapidly and more standardized.

    For this guide, we will briefly describe the whole API framework with the following topics:

    Chapter 1 : Using of SVN and Visual Studio

    Chapter 2 : Definition of Domain (Entities) of Database Tables

    Chapter 3 : Using of framework baseClass inheritance and functional interface

    Chapter 4 : Updating DataContent, Creation of Initial Data and Generate Database Migration Script

    Chapter 5 : Using of IRepository, IGuidRepository, ICustomKeyRepository

    Chapter 6 : Creating and Registering of Service Classes

    Chapter 7 : Creating and Registering Factory, Using of AutoMapper Service

    Chapter 8 : Creating Controller Classes as API endpoint

    Chapter 9 : Example of API and Error/Exception Hanlding

    Chapter 10 : PostMan Documentation Guide

    (c) 2022, BlueSky Information Technology (Int’l) Co. Ltd, All Rights Reserved.

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