How to: Install XRDP on Ubuntu 18.04

    Install XRDP on Ubuntu 18.04. This is to allow Remote Desktop to a graphical session on Ubuntu Desktop.

    9 Steps total

    Step 1: Login to Ubuntu

    Login to your Ubuntu Desktop environment.

    Step 2: Open the Terminal

    Press CTRL+ALT+T and open the terminal. Alternatively you need to open it from the bottom right application list and search for terminal.

    Step 3: Update Ubuntu

    Run the following commands:
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt dist-upgrade

    Step 4: Install XRDP Package

    Run the following command:
    sudo apt install xrdp

    Step 5: Setup the Xsession File for XRDP

    Run the following command:
    echo xfce4-session> ~/.xsession

    Step 6: Allow RDP traffic through UFW Firewall

    Run the following command
    sudo ufw allow 3389/tcp

    Step 7: Reboot the Device

    Reboot Ubuntu by using the following command:
    sudo reboot

    Step 8: Test RDP by connecting through RDP

    Connect via Remote Desktop on a Windows (Microsoft Remote Desktop Client) or through Remmina on Linux.
    You should be able to install XRDP on your computer and have it up and running after the steps outlined.

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