Magento Installation Scripts (Cool Ryan)

    Part 1: Overview

    What is an installation script?  What it is for?  How is it setup?  This article goes over installation scripts for Magento.

    Part 2: Your First Script

    Jump in and create your first script.  Goes through the files, folders, and syntax necessary to setup an installation script for your Magento Module.

    Part 3: Installing New Tables

    This is what most installation scripts are for.  Magento has a certain way it installs new tables and this article shows you exactly how.

    Part 4: EAV Tables

    The confusing world of EAV isn’t as confusing as you think.  This is especially true with Magento at the helm.  Magento makes even creating EAV tables simple.

    Part 5: Attributes

    We need attributes to go with those EAV tables.  This article shows you how to create a new attribute for your new EAV tables, (as well as currently existing tables).

    Part 6: Data Installation and Upgrades

    Now that your tables are all set, let’s put something into them!  Sometimes you need some default data and Magento has just the place for you to put it.

    Part 7: Best Practices

    Now that you have a good idea of what to do with installation files, here are some tidbits, nuggets, and lessons learned over the years of creating installation files for all of the modules I’ve come across.

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