How to integrate your Mikrotik router with Windows AD

    Whether you need to authenticate your users for PPP or any other Mikrotik service, you can do that either through the internal database or...

    RouterOS Fasttrack

    Source : Linux Fasttrack   Fast path allows to forward packets without additional processing in the Linux kernel.(reducing overall system performance compared with the capability of...

    RouterOS Dual Wan DNAT

    Source : 額外加兩條 Route /ip route add check-gateway=ping distance=1 gateway= routing-mark=ISP1_Route add check-gateway=ping distance=1 gateway= routing-mark=ISP2_Route 用來略過 的 rule (防 loop 死) /ip firewall address-list add address=

    MikroTik Load Balancing over Multiple Gateways (2 WAN)

    Load Balancing is a technique used to send network traffic over multiple gateways. If you have multiple ISP connections in your network, you can send...

    Dynamic DNS Update Script for No-IP DNS (MikroTik Router OS)

    To update the DNS IP to NO-IP DNS, follows the following step: 1. Create a new script named no-ip_ddns_update The following permissions are required for this...

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